The Two Side Of The Coin

In a broad content, lawyers are divided into two sects – civil lawyers and criminal lawyers. The criminal lawyers Parramatta are the ones who handle a wide range of cases and mostly get the cases concerning the penal code of the country. It should be noted that these lawyers have limited but strong cases.

The other type of lawyers are the civil lawyers. There are like a main heading in themselves. These commercial litigation lawyer will have various fields to specialise in. There are lawyers who can consult you when you are going to face a problem whereas there are another kind of people who are the ones whom you should meet when you are trouble of finding guilty for mistake or you want to put someone in trouble. 

The civil lawyers cover a wide range of places. The well and most highly professional lawyers in the new century is divorce lawyers. These people get nice cash for each divorce. For marriage registration, you do not need a lawyer but it will be under certain law. For example, in Sri Lanka, there are three marriage laws allowed but four kind of laws that are legally followed.

There are Thesawalamai, Muslim law and Kandyian law which are known as personal laws. These personal laws govern certain kind of people. Muslim law controls all the Muslims of the country whereas the ThesawalamaiThesawalami will govern people from Jaffa and people who are having ancestors from Jaffna. But they can be locked out of this if they marry someone who is not a full bred of the same law governing party.

The other people who do not have this kind of thing ancestral roots will come under general law. General Law also rules people who being kicked out of following their own personal laws. Mostly, people will get out of their respective personal laws through marriage disputes. When they do, they will be forced to get married under general law.

Now it is clear that there are four types of law but there are not four marriage laws. There is a law under the Muslim law, Kandyian law and general law. The law under Thesawalamai does not give steady law for marriage and other things concerning marriage. Therefore, they are governed by general law.

Apart from the divorce laws, there are the civil lawyers who are linked with the business. They are the ones who legalised the contract and make other arrangements related to business and legalisation. It is highly important to legalise a business contract or else later you cannot use it to create cases if you feel there is something wrong or you are being cheated.